Our Mission:

educate empower.

We educate the future scientists, change drivers and leaders about the ocean and this planet. Empowering them to not only reach for the stars but rattle them. Ensuring a bright future for all life on earth.

Proudly supporting the United Nations Sustainable development goals


Our Mission

To achieve unity, respect and protection for all life on earth through education and empowerment. elasmo believe that education is vital in developing not just ourselves as individuals, but also us as race and a planet. Education is a means by which man can cultivate his nature and achieve the purpose of his/her existence, it sparks growth and development.

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Our Impact

elasmo is a not-for-profit marine conservation organisation that is creating huge waves of change. Our education program educates and empowers the next generation to not only reach for the stars but rattle them. Through learning about the ocean, this planet and ourselves we are able to support students in achieving their goals and dreams, assisting in their personal development and fulfilment. We are reminded of the intangible connection between us and the world we live in aiding us in working towards a sustainable and bright future.

We rely on kind and generous donations. These donations allow us to reach, educate and support more students. With a goal to take our program international we need your help.



Dollars Raised

To date we have raised the above amount. With your help and the help of our fellow homo sapiens we can grow and develop our education programs, give our students more opportunities by funding their ideas and investing in a sustainable future.



schoolS in australia

Currently the elasmonaut program is running in 6 NSW schools. We would love our program to be Australia wide and eventually international! Learn more about our programs.



children Impacted

We have currently spoken to over 1000 individual students about the ocean and what we can do to preserve and cherish this planet.


The elasmonauts


The elasmonauts is a one year education and mentor program for secondary school students, whom are interested in; marine biology, science, the environment, conservation, animal and human rights, sustainability, innovation, graphic design/art, philosophy, geography and space. The program combines science and imagination to create a transformative education experience which allows students to develop ethical reasoning and problem solving, across hands-on workshops and individual mentoring.


science and imagination

With two in-house marine biologists, a graphic designer, a shark conservationist and a teacher elasmo creatively combine science and imagination, creating an education experience that’s cosmic.

fuelling curiosity and wonder

The program allows students to discover and pursue avenues they are curious about, aiding their spiritual/mental and physical development. They dive into science, marine biology, philosophy, history, conservation, eco living, renewable energy and much more.

student connection and collaboration

The program brings together students from various years and schools, connecting them over a common goal. Students meet other like-minded individuals, allowing collaboration, leadership and discussion.


elasmo encourage and nurture each and every student, connecting them to other like minded students and introducing them to relevant industry professionals. We empower, support and help fund them in their pursuit to bring about positive change.


October 2017

Thanks for all your help and your collaboration with the Stewardship team it really means a lot to not only see you guys as mentors but also team mates. 




Our Team

The elasmo team consists of founder and graphic Desginer Hollie, Marine Biologists Joni and Justin, Teacher Dean and shark conservationist Lisa.

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Invest in the future

With a goal to have the elasmonaut program running throughout Australia and worldwide elasmo need your help. You can help by signing up your school for the elasmonaut program, follow and like us on social media, make a donation or purchase from our online store.


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Your selfless donations allow us the reach more students, offering them life changing opportunities and helping bring about positive change.